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French Sense of Humor

Humor is the inclination of a particular experience of our cognition in provoking laughter to provide amusement. This term is derived in the humoural medicine of ancient Greeks. They thought that a balance of fluid in a human body may control the human emotion and at the same time the human’s health. People all over the world have their own distinctive way in showing their humor. Some of them need creativity to be effective in throwing their jokes. Humor can be observed in theater and television became a mode of generating income. Thus, it can also be expressed in a group of friends or colleagues.

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Talking about distinction in humor, France should not be left behind with regard to that aspect. French humor is said to be unique in terms of Grincant. This is a concept where the French typically points out somebody else as the focus of their humor. The aim of this is to mock somebody else with their naïve attitude and weak aspect of their lives. This has many things to do with the self-derision. This can be perceived through the demonstration of low self-confidence. This kind of humor may lead to embarrassment especially to the person subject of the joke. But, when someone mocks himself it means that he is to avoid mocking others. Therefore, one can also set some limitations as much as self-derision is concern. It is still in prerogative of the person if he wanted to take risk of his reputation just to avoid the other person of such kind of embarrassment.

The French humor is typically has a fairly straightforward manner of delivery and strikes under the belt called as “l’esprit Gaulois”. This is considered to be a licentious humor where one can describe it as visual. This is a kind of coarse humor that has a characteristic of lower orders in the society. This is unconsciously concerned to the basic instincts. This can be as naughty as possible depending on how the humor will be laid out.

French version of humor is quite literal and the situations are based in the personal perspective. The French humor also has several levels. The level one is really literal. The next level is a little bit hard to understand but the last level is fairly naughty that no one can even dare to think about it.

There is also another form of French humor which is known as Contrepetrie. The essence of this humor is the changing of one letter to another to become fairly salacious. The fun part of this is how to mix the letters to achieve wit. The goal of contrepetrie is to banter with your friends and other colleagues without the understanding of the audience. Having this on your sentence can be so cheeky. This form of humor is somewhat similar in Cockney slang. The similarities show in the manner that it is structured through the association of ideas. Practicing this kind of humor does not require you to hurt or embarrass other people just to achieve the fun you wanted. This can be considered as a healthy humor.

The French people also love earthy jokes regarding bodily functions and about sex. You will able to encounter them in a most surprising context like in a dinner table to a well-educated people. Aren’t this surprising? Hearing well-educated people throwing jokes regarding these topics will truly make your eyes open widely. This is the other side of their personality. They just treat it as casual and form of releasing boredom in their lives.

There is French with the name of Coluche, whose jokes are literally impossible to be translated yet immensely popular. The cause of impossibility is that French people so dearly loved their language. That is the reason why they are using their own language in making jokes or humor. The French also love puns that are hard to understand by other people who cannot speak the language. This gives them the avenue of speaking French in a very excellent way without letting others to understand especially the Americans.

The French are likely to make jokes about the topics that will scandalize the Americans. The topics include the moral values, family, fidelity and mistresses. The most usual ethnic jokes of French people are jokes regarding Belgians who are supposed to be stupid, the Auvergnants who are supposed to be cheap and the Southerners who are said to be lazy in Corsican stories or Marius et Olive.

Americans are seldom appreciated and understand the French humor. One of the main reasons for that is French loves so much their language and this take part to large aspect of their humor. This makes it hard for the non-French speakers to understand them.

Theodore Zeldin believes that nothing can separate people further than with their sense of humor. The French valued Wit that includes aggressive, cynical, intellectual, hostile, and sarcastic. These are opposed with the Anglo-Saxon humor like affectionate, emotional, genial, gentle and kindly. So, the sense of humor of French is more of oriented toward the others than with themselves. It is best for them pin point others than to use themselves as the subject of humor. They have a less nonsensical as compare to the English humor which is crueler. It is combative engaged with mockery and ridicule that needs a target and is never a self-deprecating. The French are considered to be great teasers that contributes to the naïve foreigners to be rude and affects their reputation. This will be so much effective through the use of their language that are hardly understood and even to be translated.

The usual form of French humor is to excessively exaggerate the illustrated statement into its falsehood. If you want to be literal you may just think that it will be silly for you. It takes creativity and great imaginations to achieve a high level of sense of humor. To some, it is just a form of entertainment but with the French people it is more of that.